The Andertone Experience

Rock Band from Freising / Bavaria
There is pure energy, a kind of rage and absolutely authentic presence.


The british singer, guitar player and songwriter Mark Anderton grew up in Yorkshire England. In his early days as a guitar player he learnt all the songs, which influenced him in his way of thinking and becoming the strong personality, we can experience on stage nowadays. There is pure energy, a kind of rage and absolutely authentic presence.

About 20 years ago Mark came to Munich and of course he met a couple of musicians and friends to share his passion for guitar rock, played roughly and influenced by bands of the punk and later the grunge era.

With baseplayer Tom and drummer Sepp, Mark found a perfect and solid rhythm section, giving his music the basic and the sound to make the people dance.

This power trio plays for hours and hours and let become every party and concert unforgettable, with cover songs from Iggy Pop, Motörhead, Oasis, The Black Keys, Nirvana and many more. They also rock festivals with an intensive show, improvisations, groovy sessions and their insane sound made of tube amps, psychedelic delays and distorted guitar and base sounds.

While the pandemic, this guys took their time to write a couple of songs, which they already presented to an enthusiastic audience. Writing, recording and playing their own music becomes more and more important for this band and offers a brand new perspective of
this trio, who love to share their energy and experience with all the lovely people.


0171 3864133